Gratitude is easy when everything is going well. In other words, it’s easy to be happy when you’re happy.

So, when things are going well it may seem unimportant to focus on gratitude but it’s actually the best time to flex your gratefulness muscle so it’s strong when you need it.

When you’re healthy, you still need to eat right, sleep well, and move enough so you can handle illness better when it comes.

When you’re flush with cash you still need to budget and save so you can ride out the dry times.

Basically, when shit’s good use the opportunity to make your life feel easier when shit’s not so good.

Gratitude Makes You More Resilient

Feeling grateful when things aren’t going well is easier if you’ve trained your brain to feel grateful when things are going well and feeling gratitude when things go south can mean the difference between a downward spiral and rebounding in a healthy way.

Just like it’s easier to pick up something heavy when you’re used to picking up heavy things, it’s easier to feel grateful, even when you’re not feeling as jazzed as you usually feel, when you’re used to feeling grateful the rest of the time.

Gratitude Gives You Perspective

When you’re lost in negative thoughts you are most likely reliving things that happened in the past or projecting things that may happen in the future. Being grateful brings your attention back to the present. That small but significant shift can dramatically change your perspective on the problem you’re dealing with so you can release it or take action to change it.

Gratitude Connects You With Yourself

Developing a gratefulness practice connects you more deeply with your thoughts so it’s easier to notice when the asshole in your brain is telling you lies. When you are depressed, anxious, or stressed, the asshole in your brain just gets louder and more aggressive. Having a healthy connection with your thoughts when you are feeling on top of the world means you’ll be more likely to maintain the connection when you’re not.

This absolutely does not mean you should try to be happy all the time. Sometimes shit sucks and you just want to feel like shit sucks. That’s normal and natural and healthy. The goal is to be able to realize when you’re stuck in thought patterns that are hurting you or when you’re making yourself miserable over things you can’t change, so you can bring your energy back to the present.

You are responsible for and in charge of how you feel, and practicing gratefulness gives you the awareness you need to feel the way you want to feel whatever that may be.

So even if you’re feeling pretty good right now, take a moment to feel grateful for something. Really think about it. Think about it until you can actually feel the gratitude in your chest and the calmness in your mind