When you have a gratitude-centric mindset you are more energetic, mentally and physically, because you aren’t wasting energy on thought patterns that aren’t serving you. That energy will facilitate increased output, better focus, and more creative ideas that can all lead to increased income and opportunities.


Gratitude Helps You Hold on to More of the Money You Already Have


When you appreciate and recognize what you already have you are less likely to feel the need to buy new things. When you’re present and feel internally fulfilled, you’ll be less likely to shop to fill an emotional void. In these ways gratitude makes it easier to save more money, which will earn more interest and help you achieve your financial goals more quickly.


At the Heart of Gratitude is Abundance


Deeply appreciating what we already have makes us happier and more likely to make decisions that support our long term goals rather than seeking immediate gratification. This does not mean that we settle or that we don’t strive for more. On the contrary, gratitude frees our energy and focuses our attention so we can take action to get what we want rather than filling our lives with that which we’re conditioned to seek.

As a bonus, if you are able to take some of your new income or newly saved money to help others, you’ll multiply the positive impact your gratitude made.