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Page of Wands, The Moon, 4 of Wands, and 7 of Wands tarot cards

Life is a game and you get to build your character.

What is real in your life? What can you see and feel that you know is real? Not just tangible but valuable. How much of your attention do those valuable things get? What else is filling your mind, taking up your energy, and keeping you from being who you want to be? What are you holding on to, physically and energetically, that you can see now for what it really is (or isn’t)? What do you need to put more energy into honoring and what do you need to let go? (Page of Wands)

Your life is a simulation, created by the computer that is your brain. But you control the computer so you can program the simulation. Blur the lines between fantasy and reality. See what is possible when you aren’t sure which is which. What possibilities can you let yourself imagine when you remove the boundaries of fear and ego? (The Moon)

If your ability to experience joy is based on external factors, what happens when those factors change? When you over-identify with your job, your productivity, your external identity, what’s left when the world around you changes? How are you cultivating joy that isn’t reliant on anyone else knowing what you’re doing? What do you do just for you? (4 of Wands)

Do you believe you actually have the ability to create your own reality? Does doing something just to make yourself happy feel selfish and indulgent? Are you afraid of what other people will think if you do what brings you joy? That’s programmed into your simulation. Start editing the code. (7 of Wands)

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The deck I use and the cards that are featured in the photos are from The Tarot of The Holy Spectrum.