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8 of Cups, The Hermit, Queen of Swords, and Page of Wands tarot cards

You have more options and autonomy than you think. 

Every time you notice that you’re feeling a way you don’t want to feel, you have the choice to continue to feel that way or change the circumstances. Just the recognition that you have the power of choice will open up so many options that you can’t see when you think you are stuck. There is liberation in choice. Even if it doesn’t immediately change your actual circumstances, it will change how you see them. Changing how you see changes what you can see. (8 of Cups)

You can only see what you allow yourself to see. If you can’t fathom that there are options beyond what is obviously in front of you, you won’t be able to see them even if they are just a few steps away. What if you don’t know everything already? What if there are paths that you have never considered taking? You’ve been speeding down the same path for so long. It’s time to slow down, look up, and see what else is out there. (The Hermit)

People talk about balance like it creates stability but balance is not a fixed state. In order to have stability, you have to make constant adjustments. Think of a tight rope walker, making tiny adjustments with every step. Or try it yourself by standing on one foot. You can’t achieve a state of perfect balance which doesn’t require any adjustments. Your muscles will twitch, your toes will push into the floor with varying degrees of pressure in response, your arms will move to counterbalance your body. These adjustments are all necessary and normal, as are adjustments to maintain balance in your life. Overtime you’ve likely added a lot of counterbalance measures to compensate for something that was pulling you out of balance. Is it time to put down the weight that you’ve been compensating for? (Queen of Swords)

When you accept your power of choice, stop to look around at where you are, and let yourself set down the burden you’ve been trying to balance with, you will have newfound energy to put into creating the foundation that you need to move into your next phase. The energy you put into counterbalancing that burden can now be put towards tending a growing fire. Give yourself permission to spend your energy fulfilling your dreams. (Page of Wands)

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The deck I use and the cards that are featured in the photos are from The Tarot of The Holy Spectrum.