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Awakening (Judgement), The Lovers, Knight of Pentacles, and 8 of Cups tarot cards

If you’re unable to see something as a possibility, you can’t achieve it. 

You are ready for deep, meaningful change and that won’t come from making the same choices you have been making. But you can only choose from options you’re willing to see. Open your eyes to the myriad options that are actually available instead of the binary options you think you have. Consider options you haven’t been willing to see because you are afraid of what they might bring up. (Awakening aka Judgement)

The choices you think you have are a reflection of your fears and your experiences. If you get curious about what else is available, you can increase your knowledge which changes your fears and experiences. In turn, that changes your reflection which changes your perception. Be open to new information and new ideas that can shape your reality by offering new choices. (The Lovers)

While you are pursuing your dreams, don’t neglect your earthly needs or you won’t have the stamina you need. Find the balance between practical and aspirational so you can make steady, sustainable progress. Be prepared, strong, and stable so when the opportunity you are manifesting is presented, you can take advantage of it. (Knight of Pentacles)

Sometimes the choice we have to make is to hold onto something or let it go. There is power and liberation in choosing to let go of something that isn’t right for you anymore. If you don’t make the choice, it will eventually be forced on you which will make you feel powerless and trapped in a situation you didn’t want. Consider where you think you are safe by continuing to do the same thing but that safety is imagined. If you choose to change, the transition will be less traumatic than if that change is forced on you. (8 of Cups)

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The deck I use and the cards that are featured in the photos are from The Tarot of The Holy Spectrum.