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Ace of Wands, The Sun, King of Cups, and 9 of Pentacles tarot cards

Don’t fear what you know you need to do.

This moment is a catalyst for everything that is still to come. You can choose not to take a chance and always wonder what would have happened or you can believe in yourself and trust that you won’t fail. What is essential for you to feel alive? What circumstances will allow for you to expand? What do you need to be your fullest self? How much is getting that worth to you? (Ace of Wands)

Sometimes you have conflicting needs but if you can see them clearly, you’ll find that they aren’t independent. Your need for security is hindering your need for growth but growth will bring greater security. Which needs do you need to focus on now so the rest of your needs will be taken care of naturally? (The Sun)

Whenever you make a big move in life there will be conflict between emotions and intellect. Fear stops you from doing what you know you need to do. Rationality stops you from following your gut. Finding the balance between the two and honoring the wisdom each offers will allow you to maintain a solid foundation to grow on. (King of Cups)

Abundance comes in many forms. Money, possessions, love, space, time. Often we have to trade abundance in one thing for abundance in another. What do you want to be abundant in and are you willing to have less of something else to get it? (9 of Pentacles)

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The deck I use and the cards that are featured in the photos are from The Tarot of The Holy Spectrum.