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5 of Wands, 8 of Cups, Knight of Pentacles, and Knight of Wands tarot cards

Learning to maintain calm composure when everything is happening too quickly or nothing is happening quickly enough is the key to your happiness.

How do you handle excitement? When life isn’t mundane and calm, how do you feel? Do you get carried away by the action, unable to stay present? How does that impact your ability to either enjoy the happy excitement or weather the conflict? Cultivating calm and presence when you’re surrounded by the opposite will help you maintain sanity when everything feels crazy. (5 of Wands)

You choose every day to say no to some things and yes to others. You can make that same choice with thought patterns and feelings. You are free to engage with conflict or not. You are free to change your mind. You are free to change how you feel. You are free to stop doing something you’ve always done. Having choice is liberation. Having choice is power. (8 of Cups)

Can you trust that you’ve done everything you can do to set yourself up for your next move? Can you learn to be calm in the uncertainty of what will actually transpire, knowing that whatever it is will be exactly what was meant to be? Can you be okay not moving even when you are so anxious to get where you’re going? Being anxious won’t get you there any faster and it will make the journey that much harder. (Knight of Pentacles)

Learning to move more slowly can help you move more quickly when the time is right. If you’re always running you don’t have anything available for sprints. This applies to physical and mental energy. Where do you need to learn to move more slowly? When does quick action make you feel out of balance? (Knight of Wands)

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The deck I use and the cards that are featured in the photos are from The Tarot of The Holy Spectrum.