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10 of Swords, Queen of Pentacles, Ace of Cups, and Knight of Pentacles tarot cards

You are worthy of making mistakes.

Perfection doesn’t exist but if it did, it would be accepting and allowing for mistakes. Continuing to victimize yourself over mistakes you made isn’t helpful for growth. It holds you back and keeps you from integrating what you learned. You are worthy of letting go. (10 of Swords)

You are responsible for valuing yourself. You are responsible for managing your energy and your focus. You are responsible for how you protect your energy, both from others and yourself. What do you need to change to create an environment that nourishes you, physically and mentally? What comfort do you need to give yourself? (Queen of Pentacles)

You can’t earn your own love and respect by being infallible. You have to love and respect yourself as you are, imperfections and all. Can you give yourself permission to be flawed? Can you not just forgive yourself for it but love yourself for it? Can you just be human? (Ace of Cups)

There is uncertainty that comes with making any big change and that uncertainty can bring anxiety. If you feel impatient, like you aren’t moving fast enough, remember that this is an attempt to control the outcome. Being stuck in uncertainty is uncomfortable. But being able to flow through the uncertainty will actually make it less uncomfortable than trying to control it. Look at where you want to go and trust that you’ve done the prep work to get there. (Knight of Pentacles)

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The deck I use and the cards that are featured in the photos are from The Tarot of The Holy Spectrum.