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The Empress, Queen of Pentacles, 10 of Wands, and 4 of Swords tarot cards

Self-care is as much about how you treat other people as it is about how you treat yourself.

The universe listens to what you want it to provide. Not through your thoughts and wishes, but through your actions. When you do the work that is within your control to lay the foundation for the life you want to build, you create the environment for opportunities to become available. (The Empress)

You unlock the door you want to open by doing the work on mindset, worthiness, and belief that you deserve everything you seek. Help others open their doors and ask for their help in opening yours. You don’t get what you want by jealously watching others get it first and you don’t get it by withholding your care. There is a special balance between give and take that creates abundance. (Queen of Pentacles)

If you are out of balance, focused too inward or outward, your energy will be restricted. It is your job to decide how much you can carry for others, how much you need to ask others to carry for you, and how much you need to let go. Part of that process is being comfortable with letting people down and learning to not take responsibility for how they feel about you taking ownership of your time and energy. (10 of Wands)

Defense is a difficult position to play. When you are being attacked, you have to respond. But consider how. Being defensive never gets the results you want. What if what you think are attacks aren’t dangerous or aren’t attacks at all? What if your best defense is to change how you see the enemy? What if you didn’t have to play at all? (4 of Swords)

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The deck I use and the cards that are featured in the photos are from The Tarot of The Holy Spectrum.