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9 of Wands, 2 of Wands, 2 of Cups, Ace of Wands tarot cards

You can’t do everything and be everything for everyone without asking for anything in return. 

If you feel overwhelmed and burned out, you can’t do your best. Where are you taking on more than you have the capacity for and what impact is that having on the quality of attention you give to everything else? If you take a good look at what you give your attention to, you’ll see things that are taking more than they are worth. It’s okay to let those things go. (9 of Wands)

Focus on what you can do consistently and sustainably. What can you commit to doing every day to get you one step closer to your goal? What things do you do that feel like a constant uphill battle that never seem to get you what you want? Start by giving yourself permission to refocus that energy. Let go of the expectation that you can do it all. Maybe this just isn’t meant for you and when you let it go, something that is will take it’s place. (2 of Wands)

The more you can see yourself for you who are, not who you think others want you to be, the more you can dedicate yourself to being the fullest version of yourself. When you are the fullest version of yourself, you can make faster progress towards your goals because you’re not wasting energy trying to be someone else. What parts of your identity do you need to stop fighting against? Embrace who you are and what you’re good at rather than swimming against the current. (2 of Cups)

Who you are and what burns inside of you is your essential life-force. Your energy. Your power. YOURS. It’s your fire to use any way you want and it’s yours to protect.  What are you letting suffocating your fire? How can you let more oxygen flow to your flame? (Ace of Wands)


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The deck I use and the cards that are featured in the photos are from The Tarot of The Holy Spectrum.