Hi, I’m Pamela Lund

I spent most of my life working my ass off, chasing a moving goal line and doing what made everyone else happy. I plowed through college in three years, still graduating with honors, and had a full-time job before I could legally have a beer.

By the time I turned 30 I’d built a successful company, got out of debt, met a great guy, and had a life that looked ideal on social media but I still felt like something was missing. I tried going back to college for a 2nd degree, countless hobbies, and starting a new business but nothing stuck.

I felt like nothing I did was never enough. Like I was never enough. I was working more than ever, doing everything I was expected to do professionally and personally, and making everyone else happy but I was anxious and exhausted. I didn’t want to feel this way at 40.

So I approached the problem like I approached everything. I. Did. It. All. I spent five years reading books, attending workshops, and trying methods that promised more than they could deliver.

Through that process I realized that rather than just doing more I needed to figure out what would make me happy and how to do that. I realized that I was already enough. I needed to focus on what mattered to me and let the rest go so I did and the most amazing thing happened. When I stopped being so busy – when I stopped being in constant motion – I had the time, energy, and space to reconnect with myself.

I learned to say no at the right times and in the right way.

I learned how to slow down and appreciate stillness.

I learned to listen to my anxiety and stop numbing.

I was able to discover my passion for helping people who felt the same way I did…my friends, neighbors, and sister, my favorite checker at the grocery store, and strangers on the internet. Once I started talking about my epiphany I discovered that we were all feeling the same way and I was compelled to help. I can’t speak to everyone individually so I started writing articles online to reach as many people as possible and here we are.

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