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Daily Tarot Readings

Intuitive and practical readings with reflective questions to help you make the most of today, every day.

Every morning I pull four tarot cards and ask my intuitive channel what I need to know to make the most of my day. I ask the cards what’s happening now, what else do I need to know about what’s happening now, what am I invited to learn, and what am I asked to pay attention to.

I believe that good advice is universal so I’m sharing my daily readings as an offering to you and as a way to share the knowledge I gain through this practice.

Everything in every reading won’t be for everyone but there will always be something for you if you are open to receiving the message. I encourage you to use the questions I pose in the readings as a guide for self-reflection. You know the answers to the questions you have, you just need help uncovering them and connecting with your own intuition.