I Believe in You

You have the power to build the life of your dreams and be happy every day. The problem is our brains are jerks. They haven’t evolved as quickly as technology and society have so we’re stuck with thought processes that hold us back from living the lives we crave. The good news is that you can live without anxiety and overwhelm, you just need the right tools.

Luckily I can help with that.

I teach people how to overcome our outdated psychology to feel happy, calm, and in control of their lives while being more productive so they can spend more time doing what they love. Scroll down to read free articles and learn about my online course.

Articles I Wrote ForĀ You

Meet Your Two Minds

That jerky negative narrator in your head is what Zen practitioners call The Thinking Mind and you, the one “hearing” those thoughts, are The Observing Mind. You think thoughts but you also hear them inside your head. I know, weird right?

Why It’s So Hard to Be Happy

Every single day we think more negative thoughts than positive. Not only do we think negative thoughts in greater quantity, but we also believe them with more conviction than we believe our positive thoughts.

The Course I Created For You

Reduce Stress, Feel Happier, and Increase Productivity Without Meditation or Medication